How to Care for Concrete Surfaces

Make Concrete Last Longer

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Caring for concrete surfaces. (Photo Credits)

Concrete may be a very resilient building material but it still needs caring.

Pressure Wash Cincinatti shared with its readers ways to care for concrete surfaces. National Ready Mix Concrete Association  

“While concrete is definitely a hard and durable surface, many people fail to realize that it is at the same time a porous surface. One of its biggest enemies is water, whether in the form of rain, snow, hail or ice. Over time, exposure to water causes the surface of the concrete to flake and chip. Normal weather conditions will cause the problem to worsen and can lead to the development of cracks in your concrete. Eventually, dust, dirt, and seeds will gather in the cracks. This is the ideal environment for grass and other weeds to grow. When this happens, the cracks become deeper and wider. When they freeze and thaw in cold weather, the concrete around the cracks can heave, creating an uneven and possibly dangerous walking surface.”

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Concrete Floor Care

Liquid Floors also shared ways to care for concrete flooring.

“Polished concrete floors are an attractive choice for any industrial or pharmaceutical warehouse. Polished concrete floors can be personalized to fit your business’s needs with custom colors to match existing decor, logos, and lines to manage traffic flow. With proper care, a polished concrete floor should maintain its sheen for many years before needing another polishing. You may think that because these floors are tough that you can skimp on maintenance. We have four maintenance tips that you should never overlook.”

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Tilestonesource for its part shared ways to care for outdoor concrete.

“Seal it up! If you haven’t sealed your exterior stone in the last 5 years, it’s time. With the current laws governing VOCs, we can say good-bye to stinky, toxic sealers of the past. Much better products have made their way to center-stage that offer superior protection.”

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Concrete needs caring too!

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Cracking Concrete

What causes cracks in concrete?

cracking up

Can property owners prevent concrete from cracking? (Photo Credits)

Concrete may be one of the strongest building materials there is but can still be subject to cracks.

Civil Engineering Daily shared 10 reasons why concrete surfaces may crack.

“Shrinkage can cause cracking if not controlled during mix design and curing stage. Shrinkage can become critical in high strength concrete because of low water/cement ratio and also because of use of Mineral Admixtures.”

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More reasons

The website Houzz also offered some possible readons for the cracking. National Ready Mix Concrete Association     

“How is it possible that the concrete that looks so stable and gorgeous in this backyard will certainly crack somewhere as the years go by? Forces such as soil upheaval, expansion and freeze-and-thaw cycles all guarantee that your perfect concrete patio won’t stay perfect forever.
But more immediate forces are most commonly responsible for the early, hairline cracks that can blight concrete slabs almost as soon as they’re poured.”

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The website meatime featured a solution to cracking concretes in one of its published posts.

“Fixing cracks in concrete can be a real pain, but thanks to scientists in the Netherlands, lead by Henk Jonkers, that will be a thing of the past. The team has created a bio-concrete blend with water-activated bacteria – kept in tiny pellets – that can patch up small cracks and holes in cement. That’s right, the bacteria would eat food provided in the concrete mixture to combine calcium with oxygen and carbon dioxide to form limestone”

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Inspecting concrete fixtures in a home should be periodically carried out to minimize further damages to a property.

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Designing Concrete

Creativity in Concrete

Cavernous Concrete // #concrete #deathstar #social #science #building #ucdavis #design #light

Unleash creativity and design on a medium that matters. (Photo Credits) 

Concrete is one of the most durable materials one can ever use for building structure. It can also be a vehicle to show creativity and design prowess. National Ready Mix Concrete Association

The website Architizer featured concrete facades that are just plain stunning.

“The announcement of Eduardo Souto de Moura as the 2011 Pritzker Prize Laureate brought renewed attention to Portugal’s architecture and its inventive use of concrete. The following group of projects examines new forms being built across the country, incorporating diverse programs, scales, and environmental conditions. Utilizing various combinations of aggregates, textures, and reinforcing materials, the designs all explore how we experience envelopes and the liminal condition between interior and exterior space.”

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Concrete Example of Creative Work meantime showcased in its website an avant-garde designed concrete  home.
“The architect designed the house to be built from concrete, and kept it unfinished throughout the home, inside and out.”

Check out the concrete home here.

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CNN Style meantime featured in its homepage stunning designs of structures made from concrete.
“Concrete is for more than car parks and roadways. From the Roman Pantheon to the Sydney Opera House, concrete — the world’s most widely used man-made material — has long been employed to create some of the world’s most memorable spaces.”

Check out the slide show here.

What has so far been the most creative concrete design you have laid your eyes on?

Painting Concrete

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