Painting concrete surfaces

Paint and Concrete


All about painting concrete. (Photo Credits)

Concrete surfaces usually look better when painted.

But how does one choose the best paint for concrete surfaces?

Décor Puzzle gave pointers when it comes to concrete floors. National Ready Mix Concrete Association           

“In spite of its high strength and excellent performance characteristics, concrete – enough popular building material used in various fields of construction, it must also be protected. After all, the concrete surface can also be destroyed under certain conditions and impacts. This mechanical damage of concrete floor because of chemicals is the reason why painted concrete floors are necessary not only to improve the appearance of the inside of the building, but also to perform a protective function. Before painting it is important to decide which painted concrete floor type to choose.”

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Painting Concrete

Buzzle for its part shared tips on how to choose the right paint for concrete patios. Concrete  

“The decision to paint a concrete patio immediately opens up a host of options about the desired final look. You can go from a dull gray to a stunning sky blue and breathe a whole new life into your patio. The tough part is choosing a good paint to make this visualization come alive.”

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EHow meantime shared a Do-It-Yourself trick in painting concrete.

“Bricking a walkway — or a wall — is expensive and both labor- and time-intensive. But painting concrete to look like brick takes just a few hours of work and the cost of paint and rollers or sponges. A few methods make it work — the more effort you put in to refine the details, the more your faux brick will fool the eye.”

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Would you be interested in painting bare concrete areas in your home?

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Amazing Cement Pieces

Artsy Cement

Cement Factory

What cement can offer. (Photo Credits) 

Cement has tons of uses. More and more people are discovering such even in the field of arts.

Just like this man featured over at the website Deveoh who transformed a concrete pipe into something really amazing. Concrete          

“Once the unit was complete (and people began remarking how much it looked like something out of The Lord of the Rings) it was time to start filling it with those precious items he needed the space for.”

Check out the photos here.

Just Amazing

The website a Designer Life meantime shared one artist’s creation – a wonderful bench made of cement.  National Ready Mix Concrete Association     

“I’m in awe that something as simple as cement cinder blocks combined with wooden lumber slats (and the addition of some fun homemade cushions) can be put together to create a piece of furniture so simple yet so visually effective – and it looks really comfortable to sit on, too!”

Look at it here.

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AWM meantime shared how one could simply make a unique concrete table for the garden.

“Instead of buying a pot from your gardening store, one DIY specialist by the name of Cat has shown us how to make perhaps one of the most original pots out there with a towel and some concrete.”

Get the step-by-step instructions here.

Have you ever made something out of concrete?

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DIY Concrete Design Ornaments

Make your own concrete design pieces

Streetside decoration

All about concrete DIY Design. (Photo Credits)

Concrete can easily be transformed into a work of art.

Concrete Garden Leaves shared a tutorial on how to make concrete garden leaf décor. National Ready Mix Concrete Association

“Have you seen large concrete leaves decorating fountains and gardens? Photos of these unusual sculptural accents are showing up in all the gardening magazines. You may have wondered how they’re made. We (Pete and Dianne Havekost) are now providing an illustrated tutorial to show you exactly how to make your own concrete leaves. They are quite expensive if you buy them at a garden store, but it isn’t difficult to make your own.”

Watch the video here.

Concrete Beauty

Architecture Design also shared ideas on what art work can be derived from concrete. Concrete

“Believe it or not, concrete is a very versatile material! Despite its rigidity and hardness, concrete becomes an ally of your home if you know how to exploit its stylish, grey look. You can use it to create a family entertainment center, build a patio, or provide a hard and durable floor that will last a lifetime in your garage, or garden shed. But it’s not used just in big projects and buildings but also for smaller, DIY projects. Concrete is a material that allows you to shape it however you want without too much effort.”

Take a look at the projects here.

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Top Dreamer for its part shared concrete decor DIY.

“The concrete is a material that is widely used in architecture and home decorating, and despite being used for the big things, it can be also used for small DIY projects that will add interest to your home decor. I believe that you will find the ones that I have collected for you truly stunning and that they will instantly add interest to your interior. You can make all sort of things by using concrete and the projects are super easy. Check them out and see whether they will catch your eye. Concrete is so much fun, and you will probably end up making some of the projects!”

Check out the projects here.

Have you ever wanted to come up with your own Concrete DIY Décor.

All about Concrete Roofing

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